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Motor Fleets - planning for a return to driving

The Coronavirus outbreak has resulted in huge changes for business and their employees.

Many people have either not been able to use their vehicles, have used them for different purposes, or possibly been using them for more mileage and time than normal. There has also been a relaxation of certain legislation which is primarily there to ensure the safety of all road users, drivers’ hours and MOT's.

The relaxation does not mean safety can be ignored, so more frequent vehicle checks and ensuring vehicles are always legally road worthy is paramount.

For employees that have been away from their driving tasks for several weeks or possibly not driven at all, it is important to assess their ability to drive in normal circumstances, so we have listed a few questions below to discuss prior to them resuming driving or continuing driving:

  • Have you driven during the current restrictions? a. Yes – Normally b.Yes – very little c. No not at all

  • Do you feel competent to drive normally for business? a.Yes b.No

  • Do you require any support prior to driving? a.Yes b.No

  • Have you maintained your vehicle during this period, and can you confirm it is roadworthy and legal to drive?

You should also consider those that have been driving but are used to less vehicles and quiet roads, reminding them that this will not be the case going forward.

Other areas to consider are journey planning and vehicle inspections. To assist, one of our insurer partners, Zurich Insurance, has released a Risk Insight guide for a return to driving. This guide provides an overview of key considerations that an organisation and employees need to consider when returning to full operations.

If you would like to download the guide please click the link below.

Download • 177KB

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