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Health & Safety

Your business will quickly be able to undertake Risk Assessments and create policies to help demonstrate that you comply with the legislation...and show that you are a responsible employer.


If your business needs to demonstrate that it is run efficiently and in a way that would stand scrutiny, our system can help you do that.


It’s a proven system that has been used successfully across many different types of business. And because it is online, simple and intuitive to complete, the information that you input makes it bespoke to your business.


In no time at all you’ll have Risk Assessmens completed, a Health and Safety Policy for your company and you’ll have a list of action points that you plan to address in the future.


Having access to good quality Employmemt Law support is sensible for any business. For an SME business is vital.


For many businesses dealing with HR and employment issues can be a nightmare. It can be difficult, time consuming and in some cases extremely expensive. By following some simple rules and making sure you use the proper documentation, many of the problems experienced by employers can be overcome or mitigated.


Our system will provide you with guidelines to follow as well as draft contracts to use, record-keeping protocols to follow as well as set procedures and guidelines for employees. We operate as a support to you, to help make sure you comply with employment law and don’t get caught out.

Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity Planning or Disaster Recovery is important for any SME business. Its about managing things if problems arise regarding Premises, IT Infrastructure, Equipment, Key People, Utility Services or just the unexpected.


This is particularly true if you need to demonstrate that you won’t let anyone down. And, if you’re pitching for contracts it’s absolutely vital to be able to show that your company is as robust as they come.


Our system guides you through the process of creating a plan; one that will stand scrutiny and make the right impression on organisations seeking to do business with you.

We recognise the importance of having a robust approach to risk management, it helps to reduce exposure and claims activity, which then has a positive impact on your insurance premiums.           


By working closely with clients our consultants will look to identify the risks you face and help implement programmes aimed at targeting those areas that need improvement, for example:


  • property control risk surveys

  • business continuity planning

  • health & safety audits

For clients that wish to keep risk management in-house we can offer on an online solution, which covers: 


Risk Management

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