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Construction & Property Development

Our suite of construction & property development policies ensure you will obtain market leading coverage for a diverse range of risks.

Construction is a thriving industry, however, the risks are complex and significant. As insurance brokers, we have an important role to play from the early stages of planning right through the build process and into the final stages of development and handover.

We appreciate that budgets are tight, however, it is important you choose the right insurance broker to review, advise and negotiate on your behalf.

Understanding the risk

Not all Insurance Brokers have the same approach and understanding of the construction industry. The team at Northern Risk Solutions have worked with this industry for the past 20 years and during that time we have developed a thorough understanding of how it operates and what information is required to negotiate the very best terms.

Unfortunately, the industry is just behind agriculture in terms of the number of fatalities per capita and a poor health and safety track record will be very bad for business.

Part of our review process digs deep into the culture of your health and safety procedures and controls. This means you can be assured that by investing time and money into this area you can be guaranteed that an undewriter has as much information as possible to provide the best terms.

Things to consider when choosing your insurance partner

There are hundreds of different policies on the market, so it is our job to ensure the cover is tailored to your specific needs.

Standard cover may be suitable for a small tradesman, however, for larger contractors and more complex risks we have the ability to provide enhanced features and benefits that can be embedded into your policy, sometimes at no extra cost.

  • Part Product Liability

  • HSE Fees for intervention costs

  • Contract works defects extension

  • Financial loss extension

  • Environmental statutory liability

  • Crisis costs

  • Speculative developments

  • Off-site storage

  • Customer goods in your control

  • JCT 6.5.1

  • No height or depth limits

What about construction projects?

Traditional annual contract policies aren't suitable for larger developments that are likely to run for more than 12 months and there may also be an existing structure to consider too.

As specialists, we are on hand to offer builders, property developers and funders with access to project insurance where developments can last for upto 60 months.

Depending on the contract requirements we can arrange for the policies to be issued in the name of the employer, contractor or joint name and extend the policy to include:







  • Advanced loss of profits/Rent or delayed start up

  • Terrorism

  • Loss of attraction

  • Non damage business interruption

If you would like to speak to one of our account managers to discuss your construction risks please do not hesitate to contact us.

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